Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thank You and a formal Apology...

Hi friends...

First of all.. Sorry to those friends to whom I didn't replayed all this time...

This is kind a very very late answer to your all queries... But trust me I am amazed by the response that you all have provided to me. They are so motivational...

Story behind my creation of little tool is little old... but true...

I created this tool for my self. Just for Fun and Learning. I am no software engineer or for matter of fact I am not even programmer. But for learning some basic skills I created this fun project for myself use. Then I decided to give it to you all.

Over the time I created two products..

  1. VNAP .NetBuster Web-Browser
  2. VNAP .NetBuster Proxy Pro
I was not hoping that those little tools will survive this long in ever changing internet world. But they got good response and were helpful to all of you who have used it.

The fact is that those tools are not upto the mark and are buggy, but hey... they are just mare projects for a non programmer to learn basics about programming. It more than served it's purpose. 

Now, the sad news... I have moved on with my career... and I am no longer programming or maintaining those tools.

Yes, I said it... I am too not happy about it... Because frankly creation of those tools and getting response from you was a fun...

But as I am not getting any time for doing it ... I am not able to update it to new platforms... for example Windows 8 or 8.1 Modern UI.

But I am not saying I may not return to old days... Hey who knows...

Till the time I see you, I see you...

Thanks and Love...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

New and Improved VNAP .NetBuster 1.5 Based on DotNet 4

Hi Friends,
Here I am with another improved version v1 r5 of VNAP .NetBuster….
VNAP .NetBuster 1.5 Now Based on DotNet 4
Thank You for Your Suggestions, I have tried to implement many of them here.
What’s New in VNAP .NetBuster
1.    This Version is Based on DotNet 4
2.    Browser Zoom
To Add Bookmarks Hit “Ctrl+B”
4.    History
5.    Popup Blocker
For Turning On or Off Pop Up Blocker Go to Settings or Hit “Ctrl + Shift  + P.”
6.    Open In New Tab
Use Right Mouse Click on Link you want to Open and Click “Open New Window”
(For  that Popup Blocker must be turned off)
7.    User Agent Handler (in Settings)
8.    Standered Function Like Save Page, Print and Print Preview Added.
Download From : Plunder or Click Here
How to Install
Just Extract File to Any Place you like (I prefer on Desktop).
And Run It.
That’s your New VNAP .NetBuster  v1 r5
As far as IDM is Concern
Open IDM
à Go to Options
à On General Tab
à Click Add Browser Button below List of Browsers
à Locate VNAP .NetBuster .exe (From Where You have Copied it) and Select it.
à Press Ok
That’s It.
You can see by Right Click on any link or open page in VNAP .NetBuster, You can see IDM Download options aslo.
Thank You

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Introducing a Custom Web Browser with Url Handler based on DotNet 3.5

Hi Friends,

It gives me pleaser to introduce to you my recent creation, A Web Browser

 Some of It's Unique Functions (Actually that's why I build this Browser)

  • Url Handling Just (Like we do in mobile Java browsers) - Yes It's for PC net Browsing via GPRS.
  • Sepret Proxy Settings
It also has other functions like normal browser
  • It Context Menu supports the IDM (Right Click any Link to Download, make sure if You have enabled Proxy Settings than same Proxy settings must be in IDM
  • I have search function and other navigation functions
The Browser is based on DotNet 3.5(If you don't have installed Perticularly Dotnet 3.5 then install it first. You can get link from VNAP NetBuster Setup Run.

Steps to Install

Please Ensure You have Installed Dotnet 3.5 Client Side.
  1. Get VNAP NetBuster Setup  From: Frendz4m or Directly Here
  2. Install VNAP NetBuster
  3. Run VNAP NetBuster
  4. Go to Settings
  5. Click on Options

6. Go to URL Hanlder 
7. Specify URL Front Queary or Back Queary according to your need (If required)
8.  Go to Proxy Settings and Specify Proxy Address and Port (If required)

9. Save Setttings
10. Exit and Reload VNAP NetBuster

 And Enjoy Browsing


This Application is in beta stage. Please Provide your suggestions here or email me at
Thank You